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Raulzus Dec 11, 2018

Best Grimgar character though Mary comes close. Yume wins soley because of that thicc booty. 👌

PanzernKern Aug 12, 2018

This chick is waifu tier. I like how she speaks, her voice, personality, and looks. Marry me please!!!

Madiz May 18, 2017

Let's all be honest, we all wish we could be the member of our group that does what Yume did for her pals. She was constantly taking the role of being the positive one and not allowing for the members to argue with one another when they were in a tight situation. A great character and I hope this anime gets more to see her development further.

superzaiyan Jan 14, 2017

The only legitimate character that I actually liked. I wanted to continue watching for her, but the other characters are just too cringy.