Yukiteru AMANO

Aka: First, Yukki

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #400
Rank #22
Yukiteru AMANO

Yukiteru Amano has always been a bystander and nothing short of average. But the teen is thrust into the spotlight when Deus Ex Machina, his supposed imaginary friend, starts his survival game. Yukiteru is weak with his only means of defense being his proficient dart-throwing, though he may stand a chance at surviving the game with the aid of Yuno Gasai, his stalker. With his Random Diary, he is able to predict all the events around him, though none that concern himself.

I this character

Anime Roles

Future Diary Main
Future Diary OVA Main
Future Diary: Redial Minor
Future Diary: Ura Mirai Nikki Minor

Manga Roles

Future Diary Main
Future Diary: Paradox Secondary
Future Diary: Redial Minor

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TakashiNatsume Mar 28, 2020

I heard that he changes as the story progresses but I didn't make it that far. I'm used to main characters like Ichigo Kurosaki and Naruto Uzumaki, not some wimp middle schooler who only knows how drown himself in his own self-pity. Yes, I do understand what he went through but still. Man up.

TheLoliDragon Mar 20, 2020

I feel bad for this man, he's dealing with an obsessive stalker, and with that got Stock-Holm Syndrome.

And to think that almost everyone hates him. I like Yuno, but honestly her having this unhealthy obsession with Yuki, and her twisting his mind. It's just so wrong that were rooting for Yuno throughout all this while Yuki's life is at stake.

(If this information is false, it's because I haven't watched this anime in 4 years, I'm currently rewatching it though.)

Clypsedra Dec 17, 2019

I've first throught Shinji Ikari was the worst piece of shit ever from anime history but this guy just broke the record.

Tystick357 Dec 16, 2019

I watched this anime with no knowledge of what yondere was or that many dislike Yuki.  Funnily enough on this site, Yuno is a top 50ish most loved and most hated.

A lot of the show needs to be taken within the context of the twist, which I won't comment on to avoid spoiling those who have the pleasure of not seeing the show.

Lets just say things are not as they should be.

i liked Yuki quite a bit, but here we sit, top most disliked character within the 20s.  Interesting.

i felt like a lot of his actions were pretty realistic given the context of the situations.  I prefer what he did compared to a character like Goku who just wants to go whoop some ass.

Omega6S Dec 7, 2019

Eiher Yuno and Yuki, they are all BAD and POORLY written character. Yukiteru is a definition of a ULTIMATE wimp same like Ganta Igarashi!

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