Aka: Sekki, Setsu, Yuki

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Theuglyorange Apr 19, 2019

For all those haters saying, he was selfish and some other shit, you need to realize that he was a teen who died and was suddenly brought back to life only to have his freedom taken from him and become a gods slave. TBH I would of done the same thing, or even worse. 

MinnieHeichou Feb 13, 2019

My baby.

I love you so much <333

doodlingbookworm Nov 3, 2018

The best thing about him is that he grows. He changes and does his best to do better. I love him so much. It's just really satisfying to see good character development. Is he suddenly perfect? No. But has he improved? Yes.

Raulzus Jul 27, 2018

Seeing him develop throughout the series was amazing. He was just a rebellious teenager at first, but by the end of Aragoto, he was full of wisdom. One of my favorite Noragami characters not to mention he's adorable. <3