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Shanuk Dec 14, 2016

I think the gender is listed as a "?" to avoid spoilers.

Which has totally been ruined by the previous commenters btw...

AnimeAtHeart Nov 13, 2016

I love how when you look at the Gender it says ?. ;D

Targetlex Jan 31, 2016

RIP, I just trolled my self with spoilers!!!!

jiropracter May 5, 2014

I am disappoint at her real gender :/

ShuichixYuki Jul 15, 2013

Meh, it's already spoiled as of the first comment here. Ah well.

I actually thought Yukimura was a boy all along, heck, squeeling even at the first opening with him bound with those.. Banner stuff.

I must say, I actually yelled out loud when I found out Yukimura to be a girl all along. I had fantasies, you know, lovely BL fantasies, yet still I cannot believe Yukimura's a girl. Ah well, got Yaoi.