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Hair Color: Blonde
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Blue Period. Secondary

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Mintymingi Apr 22, 2022

James Charles as an anime character 

ClTROM Mar 18, 2022

He's so annoying and so are his fans. How can you expect straight guys to date you when you're a dude? Yes, he is a male he literally said it himself in the first or second episode of the anime

Enanxn Feb 22, 2022

I came back here just to check if someone finally edited his fucking profile but it seems that the person who first marked his gender as "unknown" is still as biased as 99% of the western fandom of blue period lol.

i'm going to copypaste, for the THIRD time, a text i wrote that fully explain Ryuji's arc by hoping that people who edit his profile will finally wake up from their dead brain's dreams and realize that the manga (and the anime too now) made things VERY EXPLICITLY clear about his goddamn gender.

yuka is actually a cis gender nonconforming boy. The majority of western fans completely misunderstood his arc and missed the whole point of his character which causes them to call him transgender or non-binary when he is CANONICALLY a cis crossdresser who suffer from society's expectations.

His gender was stated from the beginning of the manga, yuka is a cis crossdressing boy, his struggles are the same as real life cis GNC people's struggles, society expect them to be either homosexual or transgender but yuka is bisexual and cisgender which causes people to not understand him well so he hid the fact that he liked girls too and he had a phase where he pretended to be a trans girl and used female pronouns to refer to himself (this lie of his was the main reason western fans started to think he wasn’t cis) because he thought people would understand him better that way, but then yatora noticed something was wrong with him and he told him he didn’t need to fake anything to fit in people’s expectations (aka putting a label on himself which is something yuka despise [and ironically this is what westerners do to yuka] ) he then stopped faking using female pronouns and went back to male pronouns.

Hell, he himself keep saying to other characters "i'm a boy", "i'm a crossdresser" idk what people need more to understand that he’s just a crossdresser, but it's not new tbh, the "clothes have no gender" thing doesn’t matter anymore when it comes to fictional characters, to western fans a cis crossdresser is always trans or implied to be, idk why i was expecting anything to change with yuka’s case lol.

Tsubasa Yamaguchi called him a crossdresser at the very beginning of the manga and still does today.

Yuka is a complex character but it's pretty easy to understand his arc if you don't put your headcanons forwards.


Tbh i highly doubt people who think he is trans or nb will understand my explanation with the long ass paragraph i wrote since they weren't even able to understand things that were explicitly stated in the comic/manga format but i'm still gonna hope it'll help other people understand his arc and character better.

AlexArchiviste Feb 4, 2022

wait y'all because i don't think i saw it in manga (but i've only read three volumes so far) nor in anime because i haven't watched it yet so are they a trans woman or a cis male who's just confused?

Jahy Jan 14, 2022

does it rlly matter what yuka's gender is? yuka is yuka

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