Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #158
Rank #1,040

The child of two doting, but love-love parents, Yui is made up of condensed sunshine and rainbows and has about half the attention span of a distracted hamster. While she's usually an unfocused mess who adores all things cute, cuddly, or made of sugar, she shows some focus and aptitude for music after joining Sakura High's Light Music Club. When not learning songs by ear on her Gibson Les Paul, "Gitah", she enjoys reading manga and rolling around on the floor. Needless to say, her grades are abysmal.

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Anime Roles

K-On! Main
K-On!! Main
K-On! Live House! Main
K-On! Movie Main
K-On!!: Plan! Main
K-On! Ura-On! Main
K-On!! Ura-On!! Main

Manga Roles

K-On! Main
K-On! Anthology Comic Main
K-On!: College Main
K-On!: High School Minor

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ChoHee Oct 4, 2020

She's so precious ❤️

Cremebrulle Sep 19, 2020

Yui is adorable 

chisayuki Jul 31, 2020

Yuri is the very definition of fuwa fuwa~

TornadoAdvisory Apr 22, 2020

I absolutely adore her as a character.

Yes, she has her airhead/ADD moments, but I feel like that's part of her brand of comedy that admittedly might not be for everyone. However, I've noticed that some people that have watched the show seem to get hung up on the 'airhead' part and conveniently gloss over her good qualities; as a result, it leads to them bashing her for being nothing but such terms as 'mentally challenged', 'barely functioning', and even ' annoying'.

IMO, all that just isn't true. The trait that I admire most about her is her ability to learn something quickly and get excellent results when she truly sets her mind on something, even if it's only one thing at a time. Thus, I feel that this aspect sets her apart from other characters that also get frequently labeled as a 'ditz'.

To go along with her endearing appearance, she has one of the biggest hearts in the show and just has that infectious energy that I truly enjoy about her. She doesn't have a single hateful bone in her body; she loves her friends, family, and neighbor dearly and and would most certainly go the extra mile for them. In my eyes, her unwavering compassion for others is enough for me to overlook her eccentricities (But let's be honest, who doesn't have them?) 

Overall, she's easily my favorite K-ON! character and possibly one of my all-time favorites.

TheCautionBandi Apr 12, 2020

Yui is literally me as an anime girl.

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