Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #150
Rank #981

The child of two doting, but love-love parents, Yui is made up of condensed sunshine and rainbows and has about half the attention span of a distracted hamster. While she's usually an unfocused mess who adores all things cute, cuddly, or made of sugar, she shows some focus and aptitude for music after joining Sakura High's Light Music Club. When not learning songs by ear on her Gibson Les Paul, "Gitah", she enjoys reading manga and rolling around on the floor. Needless to say, her grades are abysmal.

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Anime Roles

K-On! Main
K-On!! Main
K-On! Live House! Main
K-On! Movie Main
K-On!!: Plan! Main
K-On! Ura-On! Main
K-On!! Ura-On!! Main

Manga Roles

K-On! Main
K-On! Anthology Comic Main
K-On!: College Main
K-On!: High School Minor

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liuxinyu970226 Dec 19, 2019

No K-ON, no moe brands, so support her rank to be top 100 in the future, please.

1x100 Dec 15, 2019

147th top loved? Totally didn't expect it. She isn't my favorite from the band but once again also impossible for me to dislike. Being clumsy in real life as her isn't too far from reality and how many funny silly moments always by Yui are returning in my mind as i'm writing right now

Chimmyaah Nov 16, 2019

If they were trying to make a very kawaii character with some traits of being ditzy and forgetful, they literally failed. Instead they created the most annoying character i've ever seen lol. 

givemethebread Jun 11, 2019

her innocence and is adorable. and she literally does the dumbest stuff which makes her amazing. why do people hate her stupidity. that’s just what makes yui, yui!

WeissSchnee87 Jun 4, 2019

She is one of the biggest dumbasses I've seen in the slice of life genre. Her dumbass in the first season "IM TOO LAZY TO PLAY THE GUITAR!" and to be frank, it's NOT cute. She relies on her little sister to cook for her, wake her up in the morning, etc. (Poor Ui) She's so oblivious about the things around her and she gets failing grades in as the result of it. She also says fluffly garbage and demotivates the group by just slugging around complaining about the heat and basically making everyone her slaves. For my final point, DUMB DOES NOT EQUAL CUTE!


Dumb Does Not Equal Cute.

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