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OpheliaStorm Oct 30, 2018

She literally just begged Otonashi to care for her and then when Hinata practically volunteers to replace him, she takes it without hesitation. Talk about careless and desperate.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 26, 2018

Yui is not one of my favorites but I don't think she disappeared because she wants someone to push her wheelchair.That was a vision.

Ironically because Rei's boyfriend died and then she cheats on him for Takashi 5 seconds later,and you didn't bat an eye.

SerendipityGrimoire Oct 8, 2018

Begs Otonashi to date her, then accepts Hinata's volunteering instantly. Lol, talk about true love. She just wanted someone to push her wheelchair in the afterlife. 

AtuaDamnedIdiot Oct 6, 2018

The only good thing about this anime ngl.

Nevok Jul 31, 2018

Nastalgikus maximus