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randomguy87 Jun 25, 2018

Everyone she kisses dies.

Is she cursed?

CandyBel Apr 9, 2018

I don’t want any hate for this. I think Yoko is pretty cool but she got the kiss of death.

StaBAnime Nov 21, 2017

If you kiss her, you will die in these episode

HelloStrobe Jul 30, 2017

This character is a whore. She may say she likes to dress that way because it's more comfortable, but we all know that was the author's poor excuse to give fap material to the viewers. Plus, she had a crush on Simon in the beginning, and she egotistically dropped him for Kamina because she didn't wanna deal with his sensitivities. She only cares about herself, and she can't live without a "strong" and "noble" guy. Obviously love didn't matter to her or she would have been loyal to Simon and helped him with his insecurities. She was desperate for a big, powerful dick. That's it. 

And after Kamina's death and a while of mourning, she starts to have a thing for Kittan. You're kidding me. So much for loyalty. She doesn't understand love and commitment.