Aka: Yatogami

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Purple
Rank #64
Rank #3,128

Anime Roles

Noragami Main
Noragami Aragoto Main
Noragami Aragoto OVA Main
Noragami: Noraneko Main Non-Speaking Role
Noragami OVA Main
Tia: Heart Realize Main
Tia: Nirvana Main

Manga Roles

Noragami: Stray God Main
Noragami: Stray Stories Main

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strwbunnymilks Sep 21, 2019

i've only ever seen the anime adaption but we're talking about yato here so

i love him. that's all really.

just kidding. reminds me of og protagonists that is *meant-to-be-a-bad-person-but-willing-to-take-his-own-path-and-change-for-the-better-and-be-better* and that's why i love him. despite being a god of calamity, which is why he's only meant to do bad stuff- granting deathh wishes, he's willing to change and bring happiness to people who would wish to him. idk, sounds like he went through a lot before hiyori and yukine came in his life. anyway, i love him so much

St3ph1 Sep 15, 2019

Love yato so much.

TsumiMitzuki Jul 27, 2019

Then again,the anime did delve into Yato and his father,but it is very minimal compared to the manga,as the adaptation don’t cover the later parts.It only spent the first season on developing Yukine and the second season on Bishamon and some side characters.

CrimsonCondor Jul 26, 2019

Ah, I see, so you're referring primarily to the manga's interpretation of his character. I do not have enough knowledge on that medium to remark, so I will give him a chance. I'll be indifferent until I alas find the time to traverse the manga, as I've only seen the anime thus far. Thank you for your insight. As usual, you present stellar points.

TsumiMitzuki Jul 25, 2019

I must go into detail,so bear with me.

Unlike most of the shonen protagonists,something that separate them from Yato’s character is that 99% of the ridiculous things he does/says are a direct consequence of his troubled past.They may not align with his past,but if you advance into the manga,most of them make sense.I like the anime but honestly they don’t really do any justice to him at all.The manga is where they start to delve in more to his character.

Yes,it has the trappings of a rom-com and the trappings of a fantasy shounen,but it does not invalidate the fact that it tackles serious material in an extensive and thoughtful way that very few other manga do–abuse in many forms is not uncommon as backstory fodder in manga, but few series present characters who respond to that abuse in realistic and long-lasting ways, nor do many series focus on the ways in which abuse can deeply affect a person’s ability to function.Sure, he’s always been a bit of a dork anyway, but deep down,Yato was alone and desperate in his whole life.(And I give props to Kazuma for supporting him)

There's another analysis post to read too.

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