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7610 Jun 12, 2019

The tags on here are hilarious... ok sure, he LOOKS like a teenager (and has about the same maturity level I guess), and yeah, his love for Yuuri would be gay (but it's more of a case of he fell in love with Yuuri because of Yuuri as a person specifically, with his wimpy-ness, lack of understanding of the world, and of course the accidental proposal) but IN WHAT WORLD is Wolfram dark-skinned?? Gwendal has darker skin, and I wouldn't even think that he should be tagged dark-skinned. Wolfram is crazy pale.

Depravedmagi Apr 8, 2019

V He’s not human, people of his kind age five times slower than normal.

darkside90 Mar 26, 2019

Isn't he suppose to be like 80+years, how is he a teenager?

DarkLordSatan May 30, 2018

This has to be the worst male tsundere I've seen. Also 82 year old teenager!? LOL! Guess he never grew up mentally xD

Mikaela123 Mar 22, 2018

Didn't know he was gay ahaha.