Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #8,317
Rank #6,383

Anime Roles

Star Driver Main
Star Driver: The Movie Main

Manga Roles

Star Driver: Kagayaki no Takuto Main

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LilyNadesico Oct 13, 2019

Wako is an amazing character and I love her. She's funny, sympathetic, friendly, selfless and adorably quirky. Her friendship with Takuto and Sugata is beautiful. :)

TheIllIntent Nov 11, 2018

Share LorekepperZinnia's sentiments here. Wako's a great girl and I loved her so much.

LorekeeperZinnia Oct 29, 2018

@Kio3459: Joke's on you, it's now 211 people who like her. 

And as to why they like her, it's because she's likable, obviously. She's nice, she's funny, she's brave - really, what isn't to like about her?  And you contradict yourself by claiming she's not memorable, because if she wasn't memorable then you wouldn't even have a reason to hate her because you wouldn't remember enough about her. 

And you missed the point if you thought there was supposed to be a "love triangle" or that she was supposed to choose a boy. Star Driver believes in the concept of a threesome: Takuto, Sugata and Wako all love each other and don't ever want to be apart. It's a beautiful thing, just like Wako herself (on the inside, anyway - physically, she's kind of plain, but she has an absolutely beautiful heart).

thebear80 Mar 17, 2012

Liked her til the wishy washy ending. really? come on!

kio3459 Oct 19, 2011

how is it that 121 people like this character?  The love triangle BS at the end of the series just made me hate her so much.  Seriously, shes probably the least memorable character ever.  Star Driver is a complete let down...

Please, somebody defend this girl... I'm curious how or what somebody would say to justify her stupidness...

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