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Nyamipon Sep 25, 2016

God i love undertaker with all my might!!! If i would see him in real life i would rape him..damn he´s so hot and so cool!!!!! I would sell my soul to work with him in the shop <3

Tacos360 Jul 23, 2016

Undertaker has always been one of my favorite anime characters

ImmaToaster Apr 17, 2016

i honestly haven't seen the second season of black butler, but the undertaker is still one of my favorite characters regardless! i've always liked his mysterious nature!!! (and his fabulous hair! ;3)

TheTsundereGirl Dec 15, 2015

I was hopelessly atractted to him right from the start, but I couldn't explain it. The revelation that he was hot only serves as my justification to people who don't get it. When the Campania incident was released there was much drooling all around. To be honest I'm a goth in real life so is it really much of a surprise I'd gladlly be his wife?

Kuroneko1316 Sep 13, 2015

UNDERTAKER PLEASE LOVE ME <3 <3 <3 ill make you laugh...