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imaweeb890 Jun 26, 2020

when he doesn't have his bangs, HE IS SO FREAKING CUTE LIKE OMG. I love his personality thoooooo.

ChocoBlob Apr 26, 2020

I don't remember much about this character since I watched that anime when I was younger. But I like how crazy he seems. No, I think that I know that he is crazy. But all the best people are crazy. :D

AndurMyoru Dec 29, 2019

Gaaah I don't how to feel about him anymore. Didn't expect him to get so complex. 

purpleheroine Aug 15, 2019

"without" his bags he is really attractive like w h y 

KasaiX Aug 8, 2019

 I ptefer Sebastian and Grell, but I love him too (when he isn't "badass").