Umetarou NOZAKI

Aka: Sakiko YUMENO

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superzaiyan Dec 31, 2016

Most oblivious and dense person out there, but I love him

heichousan May 26, 2016

He's so oblivious of what's around him... But I don't know why I just really like him!! 

kurumi10v3r Oct 3, 2015

I thought he would be that typical cold boy who plays with the heart of the protagonist but I am so glad that I was wrong

DILI Jun 9, 2015

Please someone add the tags: Clueless, dense and TROLL AS F***!!!I still love you, Nozaki, though.

evamesaz May 31, 2015

i love him but jfc how clueless can he be??????????? oh my god i swear i want to frigging punch u in the face like wth sakura obv likes u im gonna friggin. just. ugh