Aka: Black Cat, Kuro Neko, Mr. Black, Number 13

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TheIceQueen Nov 8, 2015

I named my cat Train... Okay I know it's weird. 

Reqee Sep 17, 2014

Train is one of my favourite character. He is composed and skilled.

sillysia63377 Nov 21, 2012

Train is one of my bigger manga crushes. X3 Just adore him. He was okay in the anime, too.

pereztaastic Jan 24, 2012

He has a weird name, but i reallllly loved him, both personalities. He was hot either way. I wish the series was longer though.. i could watch this show forever!

lewieroo0 Aug 11, 2011

forgot to mention that he has to have one of the most obscure name's ever o_o