Toshio OZAKI

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Brown
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Rank #2,938
Toshio OZAKI

Childhood friend of Mikiyasu and Seishin, Toshio is the head doctor at the village's main clinic. Though his outward demeanour can be somewhat gruff, he is a devoted physician who takes his job very seriously, often going to great lengths to help his patients.

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MichaelPines Jul 26, 2021

"He didnt try to understand them" "He killed shiki with no remorse"" "He went crazy, I felt bad for the shiki" etc etc etc 

Everyone loves saying "human bad" for some reason, even though the guy was in the right.

Understand shiki how exactly? By laying down and waiting to be killed? By letting them kill dozens of people each day? If they need to kill people to live, then people will kill them to live.

After the village turned into shiki completely, do you think they would not need blood anymore? They would have to go out and kill more. There is no end to it. All humans did was fight back. Do you call elephants "ruthless murderers" when a lion attacks them and they kill the lion by stomping on it? No. Why? Because its a fight for survival. Humans deserve to live as much as shiki, and surprise surprise thats done by killing their killer. Of course he wouldnt feel remorse. If its natural for shiki to kill humans so they can live, its natural for humans to eradicate shiki so they dont die. 

Being on the side of whoever is against humans and crying "muh human bad, (insert opposite side) are just trying to live they did nothing wrong" doesnt make you a good person.

How does the "shiki are just trying to live by slaughtering humans left and right. humans are ruthless psychopathic murderers with no brains cuz they fight back against that" logic work? 

ImJustCurious Apr 11, 2021

Hate this guy why would u like him tf is wrong with you people 

JerryJoe Dec 7, 2020

The character who's done most of the job 

aryancoconut May 24, 2020

He's so complex. If I had to sum up his character, it would be "cruel to be kind".

joetazuna Sep 23, 2019

edit: After finishing the anime again he ain't that cute near the end. The way he just kills shiki with no remorse. As a stated in a previous comment, I wish all the characters lived. I get he was trying to protect the village, but he never once tried to understand the shiki or their motivations (which none of them besides Megumi's had malicious intent) 

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