Aka: Angel, Kanade TACHIBANA

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PotatoNugget7 May 21, 2020

 Her name is actually Kanade Tachibana, Tenshi/Angel is just her nickname.

KawaiiConnoisseur May 17, 2020

she is cool but i don't understand why she is this loved

BaagaJB15 Oct 26, 2019

Absolutely a good character that didn’t get enough screen time 

TsumiMitzuki Aug 9, 2019

Technically,she is the titular tritagonist.

TheIllIntent Aug 8, 2019

@CrimsonCondor: In only 13 episodes, the main story being told wasn't her's - it was Otonashi's and Yuri's. If we got a story that went more in depth about Kanade (including more details about her when she was alive), I'm sure she'd finally be able to realize that untapped potential.