Aka: Angel, Kanade TACHIBANA

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CrimsonCondor Aug 10, 2019

@TheIllIntent: Agreed. I loved what they did with Yuri and Otonashi, but they didn't invest enough time in Kanade. They basically kept her as a prop for the majority of the anime, and then randomly spilled a bunch of character baggage in the finale episode. I feel like her initial purpose was to be a mascot for Key, but they later realized she actually had to have a character, so they wrote something up at the last minute. 

TsumiMitzuki Aug 9, 2019

Technically,she is the titular tritagonist.

TheIllIntent Aug 8, 2019

@CrimsonCondor: In only 13 episodes, the main story being told wasn't her's - it was Otonashi's and Yuri's. If we got a story that went more in depth about Kanade (including more details about her when she was alive), I'm sure she'd finally be able to realize that untapped potential.

CrimsonCondor Jul 22, 2019

I hated this girl for years, but now that I've begun rewatching the anime, I've noticed potential I'd initially missed. She was portrayed in a very lackluster manner in the anime, but I see this more as a story writing issue than a character writing one. Her true depth was always present; she just fell victim to a bad plot. She is now my favorite. 

TheIllIntent Jun 11, 2019

She's a precious angel (ha ha). Could've used more development, but I still do really like her.