Tamaki SUOH

Aka: Papa

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Ashiya May 25, 2019

 this idiot made me fall in love with him, despite/because he's such a clueless fool

lfrrwll May 6, 2019

legit so annoying but i guess how over the top he is made the show a lot funnier. his backstory is good tho and his friendship with kyouya is great

analyticalcoffee Jan 7, 2019

Every time Tamaki opens his mouth and speaks, it kills me, and not in a good way.

However, when he;s not acting like a goddamn clown and a complete idiot, he's actually very interesting. He's amazing with people--and not only as a host--he's amazing at understanding what people are like. He's an intruguing character, to say the least, and as much as he gets under my skin, I love his writing to death. 

Rainforest212 Oct 25, 2018

He is the best boy in this series, so cute <3

akaille Aug 11, 2018

I'm usually for the cool guy type in anime, like Kyoya. I easily fall to those aloof, silent-type guys but Tamaki is the complete opposite. And I so love him even more. He was the only guy I totally like with this kind of cute character. Too much that I shipped him so much for Haruhi. (it's not like he'll end up with me XD). Never a boring episode because of him. He lived up to his being a 'host' persona. I hope Ouran High School gets a season 2!