Tamaki SUOH

Aka: Papa

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #40
Rank #482
Tamaki SUOH

The headmaster's son and president of the Host Club, Tamaki is the heart and soul of the organization and he dotes on each club member in his own unique way. His overflowing kindness and flighty nature lead some to underestimate him, but he has the unique ability to inspire his fellow club members into the strangest activities and can see into the heart of nearly anyone when he puts his mind to it.

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Anime Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main

Manga Roles

Ouran High School Host Club Main
Ouran High School Host Club Short Special Main
Ouran High School Host Club University Special Main

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imaweeb890 Jun 30, 2020

AHHHHHH TAMAKI. I am so in love w him. He is so cute. He is so caring towards his friends but he can be an idiot at times but that is what makes me loves him. <3

lolzlennz Jun 22, 2020

I'm rewatching ohshc and omg I still am in love with Tamaki

Emeliabedilia28 Jun 16, 2020

senpais a perv for Haruhi!!! >:3

KenChimmy May 25, 2020

I love him at some moments and hate him too

TMisaki May 12, 2020

 I JUST FOUND THIS OUT!!! So a guy named 'Vic MIGNOGNA' voiced the Eng Dub version, honestly OHSHC is the only anime ever where the english dub is better than the japanese. There was a huge case last year about sexual assault allegations and funimation and other anime-producing corporations have ceased all relations with him. Funimation produced the english dub for OHSHC as far as I'm aware so Tamaki Suoh if there is ever a season 2 will more than likely have a new VA. I'm all against SA of course! I'd be the first one on the band wagon to lynch a predator but talking sololy about anime, can you imagine anyone else voicing Tamaki???? I don't think I could watch it...

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