Takumi USUI

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Aminanima Jun 18, 2013


I bet his sex game is banging ^__^ heheh

NejiKaoru May 21, 2013

I don't hate Usui and I don't love him, he is just rather boring in my opinion and then he goes off thinking he is the best it just kinda makes me mad, most girls just love his looks and that's the only reason some people like him, but idc about looks i care about there personality and i don't like it at all (My own opinion) but i agree he is rather cute

rjr Jan 30, 2013

Best quotes ever!!!!!!!!

tootalls Nov 9, 2012

Okay, I'll be the 1st comment from someone you hated his character. early in the show I thought he was a pretty cool change to the usually shy, or lacking in confidence male leads we get used to seeing. but eventually his habbits gets predicatable and anyoing. His "in your face" and "I can do no wrong" style just started to piss me off over time. and he is the soul reason that around 60% through the anime I was rushing to the finish line unable to wait for the whole thing to just end. 

I easilly add characters to my loved list but my hate list only has 5. and his spot is well deserved.