Takumi USUI

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Anemosity13 Aug 11, 2015

Str8 up fuckin baller

agnesszabo93 Aug 4, 2015

He is my favorite male character in a romance anime. Smart, handsome, appears egocentric, possesive and hot. I've been looking for a similar character, but there is no way I can find one. He is one of a kind. 

"I’ll come to save you as much as you want. I’ll make you fall for me as much as you wish." "Rather than getting kissed, I’m more of the type who kisses others." How can you not love someone who says such things? :D

uncaringbear Jul 18, 2015

This is one of the few characters I've ever marked as 'hated'. I quite detested this character. He was presented as patronizing, arrogant and disrespectful, especially to his love interest, Misaki. It was deplorable how he viewed Misaki as little more than a challenge, an amusing play thing to force himself upon. She was little more than a pet to him, which was perfectly summarized very creepily in the final scene of the series. Usui is one of the worst examples of irresponsible and lazy writing that I've seen in anime. As a Perfection Sue, he was bland and humourless at best. Screw that guy.

Kiddo626 Apr 24, 2014

Kinda makes me wonder: If Usui was a girl, would he still be as popular as he is now?  Or would he be far more derided for his Sue qualities?

weddo Jan 20, 2014

I generally really don't care enough to be bothered to mark any characters as "hated", but I had to click that hate button for this guy. It is just lazy writing. If it wasn't for Misaki-chan, I would have dropped this series long ago. Come to think of it there are no interesting male characters at all in this series and this idiot is the worst one-dimensional catch-phrase I've ever seen. Maybe I'm pissed since he reminds me a bit of myself back in high school days and how if I met my former self now, current me would beat the crap out of old me for being an arogant prick.