Takumi USUI

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TracksuitYato Jul 11, 2019

I both like his character towards Misaki and have no idea what to do with him.

ShioriTakahara Jan 25, 2019

The guy really left me speechless. At this point, I could kill to be Mrs. Takumi Usui, but then again I love Misaki x Usui too much to do that. They are just so cute together. I wish I had such a relationship.

IceyBurst Oct 25, 2018

He might be a gary stu or w/e, but i love this guy. He and Misaki really makes maid-sama a great watching experience, and i'm glad i gave the show a chance.

Being a gary stu isn't that bad anyway, they are still miles better than whiny/weak characters.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 6, 2018

I like him but I have definitely seen hotter bishies/boys than him.

Kiwi1994 Aug 25, 2018

Boring gary tsu