Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #4,689
Rank #287

As the handsome leader and bassist of Trapnest, Takumi has a well deserved reputation of being a playboy. Those around him think he can also be a cold and controlling workaholic, as he pushes the band to become number one. Growing up with an alcoholic father, he and his older sister learned to be independent at a young age.

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Nana Secondary

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Starletka May 22, 2019

It's really weird, but each time I rewatch the series over the years, I find myself liking Takumi more, and I simply find him too interesting to dislike. He's a really layered character, unlike Nobu who has a personality of a wet sponge. Yes, he makes mistakes and he can be a jerk sometimes, but that can be said about literally any other character in the series, because all of them are so human. He has many flaws and many strenghs, and his actions (both good and bad) are always understandable, because I can always clearly see where he's coming from, and I like that in a character. In any other show and in real life especially I would have most likely hated him, but as it is, I just can't. As it is, he's probably one of my top favourites in the series, just for being so well-written.

Hak Mar 24, 2019

I rewatched Nana first time in 5 years and I’ve got to say I loved his dominance in the bedroom..other than that he was a jerk. 

NobodysAngel Jun 5, 2018

I said I wasn't adding any characters to my most hated characters but I'll make an exception for this jackass 

shadowscape May 3, 2018

A self-absorbed ass, a lousy cheater and a crappy character. Nana should have never engaged with him. He's a total failure as a man and as a husband.

TheIceQueen Dec 21, 2017

He can honestly fuck himself 

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