Aka: Palmtop Tiger

Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
Rank #29
Rank #163

The "Palmtop Tiger" is one of the most feared students in the school despite her diminutive size. Estranged from her divorced parents, she lives alone in a spacious but squalid apartment located next door to the tiny Takasu residence. Despite her imperious outward attitude, she can be a steadfast friend to those she cares about and has been close to Minori since they were children. She harbors a crush for Yuusaku dating back to his confession during the previous school year.

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Anime Roles

Eromanga Sensei Minor
Okami-san & Her Seven Companions Minor Non-Speaking Role
Toradora! Main
Toradora SOS! Main
Toradora! Special Main

Manga Roles

Toradora! Main
Toradora! (Light Novel) Main
Toradora Spin-off! (Light Novel) Main

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lolitaorcalover1456 Oct 29, 2019

better then most tsunderes

siunhangian2 Oct 28, 2019

Oops ... u missed the small stature

soleilsun Sep 27, 2019

I was well aware I'd get hate comments for disliking Taiga, lol. I do think I have to state that Toradora was one of the first animes I'd watched, possibly the second one, and I didn't know what tsunderes were then. However, I haven't rewatched Toradora or anything. I did not like Bakugou at first either, but I did see how insecure he was about losing his place and I absolutely do not condone his abuse of Deku. The thing is, Deku is fully capable of beating Bakugou's ass and very well could. And what do you mean that Bakugou has no redemption? I've read up to the latest manga chapters and I respectfully disagree with that statement. He doesn't hit Deku any more. He helps him out with One for All training. He keeps Deku's secret. He's respectful enough of Todoroki's past that he doesn't argue with him in the training arc they both did. He's mean and brash sure, and he definitely needs to apologize to Deku for what he put him through. At the same time, he's matured emotionally a lot, and isn't so prideful anymore. My problem with Taiga beating Ryuji up was also the fact that they're in a romantic relationship, while Deku and Bakugou are most definitely not. Even 20 eps in, Taiga was still beating Ryuji, while most of the time Bakugou has only screamed at Deku (save for the season 1's training, he was absolutely batshit crazy then). Taiga also leeches off of Ryuji; she sleeps at his place, eats his meals, and wasn't even grateful most of the time. Bakugou and Deku aren't close enough for that, and if Bakugou did that to Deku, I'd be livid. I like Bakugou because he's super flawed but he's improving. I didn't really see Taiga's character development, tbh, except for maybe the last 2 eps. I liked her then. 

Also, Bakugou is an anime character that I would despise if I knew him in real life. I don't. I realize I come off as a hypocrite, but I don't want to talk about this longer. Hit up my profile if you'd like to respectfully debate with me, but if not, have a good day you guys! I would never personally attack a person for a liking a character I loathe, so I hope you guys don't do that. We all like certain characters. It's okay. 

purpleheroine Aug 14, 2019

 soleilsun: really bold of someone who likes bakugo :) 

CrimsonCondor Aug 3, 2019

Taiga is absolutely great, but Ami and Minori outshine her.

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