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Cheerleaders cheer for Sports teams using pom-poms and dance moves. Go team!


These Animals are scientifically classified as chickens: Birds commonly domesticated on farms for their eggs and meat.


These characters are Children that are exceptionally smart for their age. They can be seen skipping school grades, taking on an adult role such as being a Teacher, or are simply an expert at sports, music, or some other subject.


Children are between three and twelve years old.


These characters wear a choker: a close-fitting necklace worn high on the neck.


Chuunibyou, also known as Middle School 2nd Year Syndrome or 8th Grade Syndrome, describes teenaged characters who have delusions of grandeur. They often believe they have supernatural abilities or are from another world, and roleplay this fabricated identity tirelessly.


These characters wear a circlet: a thin, crown-like accessory worn on the forehead.


Circus performers include ring leaders, animal tamers, trapeze artists, and other roles typical to the profession.


These characters have been chosen to be the representative for their school classroom.


These characters wield Wolverine-style claws as weapons. They might have claw hands: blades embedded directly in the skin or fingers, or they might use a glove that has one or more blades attached to it. For other blade users, see Sword Fighters, Knife Fighters and Arm Blades


These characters rarely ever open their eyes. How they see when walking around is anybody's guess!


These characters are classic clowns with characteristics like red noses, big shoes, and giant smiles. Clowns are typically Circus Performers.


These characters are clumsy! They tend to trip, drop things and are often seen apologizing for their blunders.


These characters create or use illusions in the heat of battle.


Comic Relief characters provide humor in an otherwise humorless or serious series.