Character tags

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These characters are classified as bears. Roar!


Beauticians are professionals who work to make people or animals beautiful, whether they're a hair stylist, a manicurist, or a makeup artist.


Bifauxnen characters are similar to a female Prince Charming – they radiate a sense of elegance, beauty, and chivalry. Their cool and well-mannered demeanor, as well as their androgynous looks, cause them to be fawned over by those they come across.


These characters are always hungry, stuffing food into their gaping black hole of a mouth by the kilogram. The word "full" isn’t in these characters' vocabularies.


These characters think highly of themselves, and aren't shy about sharing that fact with everyone in earshot. They're often Wealthy, prideful, selfish or Tsundere, or just have an over-inflated sense of worth due to their social status at school or in the workplace.


These characters have unusually large noses for typical character designs.


These characters love to ride motorcycles. For bicycle lovers, see Cyclists.


These characters are scientifically classified as birds. Tweet tweet!


These characters display romantic or sexual attraction to both sexes.


Blacksmiths craft weapons and Armor out of metal. They're the unsung heroes of Fantasy worlds.


These Disabled characters don't have eyes, or have eyes that don't function.


Characters with Blinding Bangs have hair that covers one or both of their eyes.


These characters crave a good fight and the resulting carnage that ensues. Death, destruction and gore are a bonus.


These characters love to play Board Games, whether it's Chess, Checkers, Go, Mahjong or any other type of traditional board game.


Bodyguards are personnel hired or appointed to protect a specific person or group of people.