Syaoran LI

Aka: Li SHOWRON, Xiaolang LI

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shikumiiq Jul 12, 2020

I hated him at first, but now I love him! He is my favorite character in the series, KAWAII TSUNDERE! ♡(ŐωŐ人)

MissAnime199 Jul 10, 2020

Cutest character in my opinion. I love how he has a crush on Sakura. So cuteeeeee and tsun tsun! Haha

Jennosaur May 31, 2020

the tsundere that all tsunderes dream to be like lol

JulieJean May 15, 2020

most obnoxious positive character

lolitaorcalover1456 Nov 1, 2019

everything what other tsundere chracters shoud be