Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
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Shiki Secondary

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joetazuna Sep 23, 2019

kinnie moment oops

AtuaDamnedIdiot Mar 10, 2019

Great design, other than that I didn't give a shit about her

Mirken77 Feb 20, 2019

LOL everyone wants her dead but she a queen. (: I see a lot of people did not understand her and the whole story.

SmileyRabbit Sep 12, 2018

I sympathize with her though she killed plenty of people and from my understanding her plan was flawed.

I can't blame neither her nor the humans that wanted to kill her however it was not her choice to be what she is,Imagining being in her shoes Im sure many would have done the same.

She got turned into a shiki as a child and wanted to live to look for her family and find closure after failing to do that with years of searching she likely felt she had to find a way for her and other shiki like her to live.

Problem is she couldn't make that happen if her plan succeeded the city would likely have fell apart on its own any with all the shiki they got to feed.and with how often they have to feed they would likely have killed an alarming amount of people anyway.

their very existance is damned from the start they have to kill to live but soon enough people will fight and even if they don't they would never be accepted by humanity but they had a life and none of them wanted to lose it.

They have to kill to survive and so do we whether it be the animals or them,The humans in shiki have shown their desire to by killing the shiki some of which even did it mercilessly.They even stabbed the nurse who did not feed on anybody despite the fact that her prey was sitting right next to her.

When she cried at the end I still felt sympathy what happens to her is fair enough in terms of its definition she killed so naturally she should not be upset if someone kills her out of retaliation.however i could agree with her when she said that it wasn't fair she had to be a shiki the villans that i usually see stand and die with dignity make the choice to do what they did because they felt it was right.

villans that simply did it because they felt they had no choice are surely going to be upset when they have to die the sore losers there are the ones that blame the people that have to kill them for their shit.

In the ending she was ready to die showing that she did not believe what she did was right but right or not she simply would have died and the world would have moved on as if she never existed if she didn't.

DelaneyKiri Mar 31, 2018

Sunako should have died a long and painful death in that burning church at the hands of Ootashi. I cannot believe that weak monk Seishin overpowered that big man. I have watched Shiki three times and it still baffles me that they managed to escape.

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