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HeckWhyNot Mar 7, 2019

People say he is realistic. Tru dat. But we are watching an anime we don't want realistic characters. If we wanted that we could've gone to watch reality TV shows

BumiKS Jan 14, 2019

The hate for him is unjustified and what makes it worse is that most of it is coming from salty Rem fans who are angry that he chose Emilia. You can't choose who you love. And it's not like Rem was all nice to Subaru in the beginning. She tortured and killed him once.

TsumiMitzuki Sep 23, 2018

I don’t like him that much,but I respect him for sticking to a girl he likes.(Unlike many harem mc today).

Evollum Sep 18, 2018

viado do carai

AyumiVk Aug 13, 2018

People dislike him because they only like perfect characters without any flaws lol *cough* rem *cough* (i dont dislike her, dont attack me)

Subaru's super realistic asf, a thing where the other characters on this show don't even come to his level. He's amazingly well written and just that makes me love him as a character.