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PrettyBookWorm Jan 15, 2015

He is an amazing character like Rin but both are misunderstood in the beginning. Nevertheless He is one of my favorites along with Rin and Makoto. Kyaaa! <3

ToastyGrim Dec 29, 2014

Sousuke is a precious baby, oh my goodness. I just want to hug him, and love him, and protect him forever. He deserves all the love in the world and no one will ever ever convince me otherwise. My second favorite character after Makoto! (I furiously ship them [but I also ship MakoHaru hardcore, please send help], so they're basically one character to me.)

TambalaiAri Jul 24, 2014

-fangirl squeal- My heart fainted and went to heaven during his scene with Haru in episode 2.  A scene that I forever remember~

Definitely looking forward to seeing more of Sousuke~ <3