Gender: Female
Hair Color: Grey
Rank #1,856
Rank #1,636

Anime Roles

Yosuga no Sora: In Solitude, Where We Are Least Alone Main

Manga Roles

Yosuga no Sora Main

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Laylay227 Oct 20, 2023

 I'm so glad people see through this demon in doll form. She's selfish, manipulative, insensitive, and doesn't have a care for reality or anyone! Her feelings for her brother are of obsession, fantasy, over reliance, but most of all lust. Haru is burdened by her needs and was pushed by her constantly, at her beck and call. He is easily manipulated by her. He has no backbone. Always there to pick up her mess. Sad story of trauma bonding and lust.

Saturnic Dec 24, 2022

Best girl? Yes. She has a graceful aesthetic which is endearingly contrasted with her lazy demeanor, but has been shown to be able to be much more affectionate, especially in her own arc/route. A good example of how to do a kuudere/tsundere character right, especially since the tsundere tendencies are very light.

Lol36012 Sep 28, 2022

Really annoying 

Woody4Lightyear Aug 20, 2022

To the people who hating on her: thx for ur opinion, now go die in a war

I ain't saying she's a saint since the whole point is that she's not gonna be a hypocrite who acts nice and is friendly w everyone, unlike some bitches in the show. Incest in anime is a hit or miss for me, and this was a total hit. I guess it's because of the sister's character, which is very important for me usually.

For instance, I despised Yume in Pupa. So fcking weak, whiny and clingy, OH and don't forget the fact that she's literally eating his brother up while thinking the ones who torture him are the evil ones. And I couldn't give less of a fuck that she has to eat honestly.

Thx for coming to my Ted Talk, hope it was clear what I wanted to explain. I'm not saying you can't hate on her, but if you're gonna insult her like a worm then shame on you.

Akipoyo Jan 3, 2022

I like her and she's cute

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