Gender: Male
Hair Color: Blonde
Rank #3,354
Rank #537

Anime Roles

Yona of the Dawn Secondary
Yona of the Dawn OVA Minor Non-Speaking Role

Manga Roles

Yona of the Dawn Secondary

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Yxri Dec 31, 2018

I definitely started to hate this character once he killed yona's father. Though I guess he WAS the reason why this whole interesting journey even began, and how yona grew stronger.. so I guess thanks??? I'm still a bit iffy about this guy though. -3-

TsumiMitzuki Dec 31, 2018

I used to like him until he killed Yona’s father.Hak is still bae.

LastDarkness Aug 2, 2018

This guy is one of the worst types of anime Mary Sue there is. Hes mysteriously the best strategist/swordsman/anything hes the best at with no training in his history to justify it. He was in a position to help shape and mold the Kingdom to be better without commiting murder in the first place, you lose any "moral high ground" when your solution to any problem is murder or a show of military force to create your ideal world, maybe you need to ask what the ideal world your subjects want instead. I cant stand this guy and I hope he dies a pathetic lonely death in canon. The fact Yona still pines for him despite everything is really breaking the suspension of disbelief as well as no one would logicaly do this after such a series of betrayals and hardships. The anime paints him as this character alot of people seem to like but as we know its all a act to lure people into a sense of security or misinformation while the sociopath makes his real moves, in this reguard is amazing that so many people like his character even though hes obviously evil, especialy his greater good justifies any means type of idealogy that drives him. Our own History has shown the atrocities commited in the name of greater good.

yesenia Jan 6, 2018

I marked you as hate and I really Really REALLY do for what you did to Hak and yona but I like you for the sole fact that you forced yona to find another man a better man, hak💟 so I guess thank you for that.... Oh you also made her get stronger so yeah 

BlueSummerSkies Aug 18, 2017

Say what you will; I'm completely in love with Soo-Won despite everything. And I think that a main theme in the story is to see him from both sides, and not purely as a bad guy; sadly the anime stopped far before that point could be reached, and the manga isn't there yet either. I think ultimately he will end up willingly dying at Yona's hand, and the changes that had been made by his actions will have been a necessary step in making the kingdom a better place. Mind you - I'm not saying these things as my own personal views, but rather what I think the story is trying to convey or will try to convey eventually.

But completely regardless of whether he's good or bad, I just love this sort of character, I love his demeanor.

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