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TsumiMitzuki Sep 7, 2018

Her Shikai is unique,I guess?

FullmetalDragon May 5, 2016

How come when releasing their zanpakto most just have to say something like 'growl' or 'roar', whereas poor Soi Fon has to take the time to say 'sting all enemies to death'? That's got to be a problem for an assassin.

Valdemar Apr 13, 2016

Soifon x Yoruicihi forever

brokensaint058 Aug 3, 2014

A visually interesting character, but a poorly written one (like all post S2 characters).

Funfact: het fingernail needle weapon changes into an RPG.

deideiblueeyez May 14, 2013

God she's such a bitch. I absolutely hate her. I don't give a SHIT about your "honor". Honor doesn't put food on the table!