Gender: Female
Hair Color: Blue
Rank #3,129
Rank #5,077

Anime Roles

Wise Man’s Grandchild Main

Manga Roles

Wise Man’s Grandchild Main
Wise Man’s Grandchild (Light Novel) Main
Wise Man’s Grandchild SS Main

Related Characters

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Btseyhun May 31, 2022

If you do a body check on her, she would have Shin in his pockets, she sounds annoying, and the sad thing is I am only 4 episodes in, if anything changes, I will edit it but for now, she acts innocent ( according to the first 4 episode again ) but she is the boss demon or something like that for me.

Shiori9 Apr 27, 2022

I dropped it because of her. When she first appeared i prayed that she wasn't the fl, but she turned out to be the fl. Tbh she's like basically almost useless like girl are you gonna stand there while your bf/fiance and friends fights. The fact the other female characters are better than her makes me hate the mc even more like dude out of all of the girls in the series you had to choose the girl who's basically useless in a battle. I don't really remember all the details because i watched it like a year ago  and i don't even wanna watch it again because of this girl!

AllAnimeMag Jan 16, 2022

I call her the healing item with boobs - yea, I fully believe her entire character could have been replaced by a healing item and the story would have been better for it. 

AnimeZingKing32 Jan 15, 2022

Makes me wanna drop the anime. So annoying. Literally any of the other females in the MC's class woulda been better as a love interest but noOOoooOo, we're stuck with this weak, useless, no backbone having ass character. 

LoliAya Jul 13, 2021

Please, just disappear.

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