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Personae Mar 23, 2017

Shogo's definitely one of my favorite villains of all time. He's even inspired me to read more classic literature, lol.

Psychodeathgeass Dec 16, 2016

He is perfect for me.. Hateful. So savage.

xShuichi Dec 16, 2016

Probably one of the best villain I've ever seen in the history of any anime.

Tigerbytes Oct 23, 2016

Shogo Shogo Shogo, can't you see? Somehow your words just hynoptize me, 

and I just love your sneaky ways...

Alquds98 Jul 30, 2016

Neat villian I actual liked him he is interesting when he wants everyone to operate on instincts but when Kogami blew his brains out I was real happy. Way to flip the instincts over.