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xOriginalGirlx Jun 20, 2020

The best cold-blooded, intelligent, handsome antagonist! 

TeamAlex Apr 18, 2020

You can really admit it without a doubt.
He is certainly one of the best antagonists you can find in anime.

Deep thinking
Manipulative personality
Extremely intelligent and charismatic
Has motives
Like to quote.

An enormously good antagonist.

Frankly, it reminds me of "Red John" from "The Mentalist" an American crime series.

TsumiMitzuki Oct 19, 2019

One of the greatest villains,period.

BaagaJB15 Oct 17, 2019

At first I hated dis guy but wen you watch it you’ll find yourself at some point liking the guy. Hint:girl you had me but thank you.😂

jwirehair Jan 6, 2018

I agree. He is one of the best villains in the history of anime.