Aka: The Sewing-Life Alchemist

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GalaxyMoonlight May 19, 2020

Quite possibly the worst character in anime ever. How could anyone like this "creature" for what he did to his own family members? He doesn't even deserve to be considered human, because what he did was absolutely unforgivable and disgusting. He deserves to go burn in hell for what he did. Worst anime father ever.

OtakuWeeblet May 15, 2020

I DESPISE this character for what he did to his daughter and his wife. He is a fucked up son of a bitch that should burn in hell!
But kudos to the writters and designers for making this character so damn despicable they did a bang up job!

TBtub May 8, 2020

Good boy

stardust2222 May 4, 2020

burn in hell bastard you son of a bitch

silverwine May 2, 2020

Please, for the love of fucking God, perish. What he did was morally unacceptable. He doesn't deserve the title of human. Do that to his family members? Are you kidding me? This man doesn't deserve an ounce of respect. The creator indeed knew how to make the worst, morally incompatible, heartless bastard.