Aka: Witch of the Deep Sea

Gender: Female
Hair Color: White
Rank #3,247
Rank #3,219

Anime Roles

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Main

Manga Roles

Chivalry of a Failed Knight Main
Chivalry of a Failed Knight (Light Novel) Main

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madwewin Feb 21, 2024

Why are people hating on her? Like damm i liked her she was supportive.

Makochoco24 Nov 16, 2023

A couple things... 1. I don't see why so many people have such a huge problem with anime characters with family complexes (brother, sister, mother, father, whatever). I mean, they're anime characters! They're non-living, never existed, virtual images that a vast majority of the time are based off drawings! And when not that, they're based off virtual images from an online game! In other words... they aren't commiting any crimes because they really aren't doing anything. They aren't related. They're pixels. Nothing more. And before that drawings. And before that something inside someone's brain. No character deserves to be hated when you can question their very existence. 2. Along the same lines with her brother complex... I don't think it's as big a deal in this anime as compared to others. It makes a loud, early entrance along with her character, but after that, her complex rarely shows up. It quickly fades into the distance and she acts more like a sister. So she technically has the feelings, but she shouldn't get hated for them, because most the time, you don't really notice them.