Shintarou MIDORIMA

Aka: Midochin, Midorin, Shin-chan

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arianagrxnde Jul 8, 2018

dayum he makes me feel things ;; i 

i want to 

cuddle him


AkutagawasGhouliet Aug 2, 2017

Even though guys like Midorima are not my type,I have to admit that he got me good.First of all,his hands are those of a god,secondly he gives the viewer an amazing satisfaction not only by his play but by his obsession with horoscopes!!A total must to my favourite anime characters!

Btw Midorima I am a Libra and type A,do you think,despite the differences,that we would get along? ;)

XaronAngel Nov 18, 2016

you can't copy this talent. You need god hand and million years to do that. 

Mymblelamb Apr 8, 2015

gahh love you midorima, ma love to ya is endless, nanodayo <3 <3 <3 ^0^/