Shinji MATOU

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Kiwi1994 Aug 3, 2015

I really wonder how can anyone reach this level of baseness.

Korrakit May 7, 2015

Wow I almost forgot about this jerk thx for reminding me 

frankstleBilly Feb 18, 2015

Once me and my mate Dan were having a conversation that somehow lead to best anime sadists ^_^ he brought up Shinji so I simply said the following:

"Shinji's not a sadist, he's just a twat"

That sentence alone summarizes his entire existence

MegaZeroX Jun 5, 2014

Warning: Comment Contains Spoilers

If you've read the visual novel, you have to hate this character. I mean, he has been raping his sister for years, is a sadist, egotistical, a coward, etc. There is litterally nothing to like about him.

Mindfreak May 16, 2011

Ugh, I'm so happy everytime he gots killed.