Shinji MATOU

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AndersonHimura Nov 5, 2018

Personagem desgraçado

Kiwi1994 Aug 22, 2018

117 users who liked this guy ... please someone explain to me what did you like about him?

Adonc Jan 8, 2018

People will probably hate him more after Heaven's Feel. Die rapist!

hintoko Dec 3, 2015

f*cking hate this *****

can't believe that the fate wikia actually has some defense lines for him

JewellTH Oct 24, 2015

This guy is terrible in every aspect.

I don't give a shit if his past makes him well written, he's still an evil and egotistical rapist who wants to get into Rin's pants! Normally, he would be so bad if he wasn't a complete pussy to boot!