Shinji IKARI

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TheFachi07 Jul 1, 2020

This guy is so fucking annoying and don't bring up this stuff about him being 14 years old Scamboli Reviews even points out that another 14 year old completed the hardest militaristic training and then went to goddamned war, stormed Normandy (?) without a gun headshot a guy with his first bullet and then threw an enemy grenade back at them and jumped on another one and was still conscious AND he lived. I even looked at him and thought, "Who is this bitch?" 

KingKonSama Jun 15, 2020

Shinji is awesome.

parasolprincess Jun 14, 2020

I LOVE Shinji. He is probably one of the most realistic anime characters ever. I hate that so many people act like he is super whiny and annoying. If you were in his situation you would be scared too. Y'all just want unrealistic OP main characters to be self-inserts. Evangelion is basically a Shinji character study and he is so interesting. I never once thought he was being unreasonable, he reacted to everything like a person would. It is so weird that people act like its a bad thing.

ewyes Jun 7, 2020

My favorite protagonist of all time. He was too realistic. Maybe I just recognized myself in him, but still, he doesn't deserve all the hate for acting his ae in a difficult situatuion. 

thepanfairy May 25, 2020

He may be whiny/a wimp but just remember that most of the pressure on Tokyo being saved by aliens is being put onto him, and he's only 14 years old.