Gender: Female
Hair Color: Purple
Rank #4,959
Rank #9,137

Anime Roles

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Main
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Special Main

Manga Roles

Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash Main
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash (Light Novel) Main
Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash + (Light Novel) Main

Related Characters

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EmpressAries Sep 13, 2020

I agree, she is annoying AF, however, I don't think all the guys like her and especially not for her chest. The Dark Knight likes her because of her chest, but he's an agressive jerk anyway. He's wrote like one of those guys who believe insulting a female is how to show he cares. The MC doesn't like her the way you think he does, of course he likes to look at her chest as well, but that's generally a high percentage of hetero men anyway, however, it's not like he was trying to get closer to her for that purpose, in fact, he barely interacts with her as it is, and especially so after Manato, whom she really irritated me over. Not for the same reason you listed, but my own reason, which is that he got her the gift, they seem to like each other but because the dark knight idiot got caught peeping, this dandere idiot decides every guy in the area deserves the punishment when the truth is they were trying to stop the idiot. She basically ignores and runs away from Manato, while also blushing and hiding from the MC whose radar she isn't even really on apart from all the girls washing their clothes while wearing barely-there rags. Now that he's dead she's all "beside herself" like this was her love lost after so long together, that whole couple of months of which they seemed to have conversated once and then she avoided everybody. I honestly cheated and looked ahead to see if they ever kill her off as well. The only main female in the main group who isn't 1/4 trash is Yume. Even Mary is trash, people will back her up because her personality changed and they know her back story but the fact remains even if she was scared to run out of magic from healing frivolously, the first time they grouped up, she also didn't move a muscle to help while they were fighting. She basically stood there like F these people which is how they tried to red herring us into thinking she was being stuck up or lazy but for a reason we don't yet know. However, as I mentioned, her reason shouldn't also stop her from completely not doing any non-magic help. I'm glad I only had to go through 12 episodes.  

UninspiredName Sep 20, 2018

I'm sorry girl, nice tits but you're way annoying. 

superzaiyan Jan 14, 2017

The only good thing is her big breasts which is not appealing to me since I am not a guy and I am not interested in girls. She's annoying as fuck, for numerous reasons.

It is annoying how she got all the guys to like her: because her breasts are big, and she is so weak the guys need to feel like they have to protect her. Like wow. Okay. Guys are really shallow from what we can see here.

She cries and cries and doesn't contribute anything except her breast. She's just a plot device for guys to masturbate onto. She is so weak--she can actually die and the group will do just fine (or maybe even better). And whatever issues she have, lol everyone has them and that is not the major problem/issue here. She's just too weak, and to be romanticized for being weak?? That's not cool. I dropped the anime because I can't stand her and the shallow guys that actually like her. It's cringy af.