Aka: Red Hair Shanks

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Kuipri May 5, 2019

Shanks is a badass bitch. Hes hot hes lovable. He goes out of his way to be the dad character for luffy while Dragon wasnt present. 2000/10 would smash, marry, and beat up the whole Navy to get to. 

drunkwithluna Jun 2, 2017

shanks ate the badass badass fruit

SaitamaOk Oct 10, 2016

Such a badass.

TheIceQueen Oct 9, 2016

Shanks is the best, hope he gets more screen time.

V0MPIRICZ0MBIE Feb 3, 2016

Shanks is so strong ❤︎ He's one of the best chracters in my opinion when it was marineford he was the one to stop the war ❤︎