Seungho YOON

Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
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Seungho YOON
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TakashiNatsume Jun 26, 2020

This guy is a MONSTER

i swear i get anxious whenever he smiles

painter of the night on Tumblr in 2020 | Night portrait, Painter

sumchi Apr 23, 2020

I'm not too sure if they will end up together in the end, but if they will, it probably wasn't planned out, otherwise the author wouldn't have Seungho abuse the MC and rape him (Taking advantage of him while he's drunk), unless I'm missing something? I'd rather have the series get a tragic ending than anything like that. Have Seungho and the master of the MC try to kill each other or sum shit, it already seems like that it will sooner or later happen, the master of the mc ain't perfect cuz he's kinda manipulative but he's still better than seungho who gets physically abusive.

As for ppl liking him, I'm not too surprised, he could be a Child Molester and ppl would still like him, his looks are enough for ppl to like him despise his personality.

SecretOtaku Apr 23, 2020

OOps, sorry if i gave out the idea that i think sangwoo and seugho are the same level of disgusting.  Sangwoo is 100% worst on so many levels.  Seung Ho is really bad as well, but not as bad.  Still hate him tho. 

The reason I actually could finish killing stalking but dropped this manga was because, from the start, it was clear Bum and Sangwoo should never be shipped, it was obviously not supposed to be a love story.  For this one, i am not too sure.  Currently 52 users liked him, while only 5 users (including myself) dislike him.  The comments where i read this say "Awn, they are so cute" when he shows a little human sympathy, as if it cancels all the bad stuff he did to him.

Of course, I don't actually know what direction the author will take for this couple, but from what i know, they actually are cannon.  The comments of the site where i used to read this implied they would be together.  i may actually decide to pick this up again once someone comfirms that they won't end up together, and if they will, it wasn't the author's intention for them to seem like a non-toxic couple and that this wasn't supposed to be shipped.  As in, it wasn't meant to be a successful relationship.

sumchi Apr 21, 2020

Well he's way better than Sangwoo tbh, but still unlikable for the most part, he and the MC's master aren't good choices for the MC either way, so I'm wondering how the story will turn out. At least he ain't homophobic and as abusive and rapey as Sangwoo, I guess? He had a change of heart about the straw mat beating after all, but romanticized sexual abuse is a big yikes for me. It's just disrespectful.

SecretOtaku Apr 21, 2020

The reason why i dropped the manga.  I have read my fair share of rapist abusive semes but this was too much.  I cannot understand how anyone could like him or ship him with the mc.  Reminds me of Sangwoo not gonna lie.  Correct me if i am wrong, but doesn't he also have his private orgy s£x group as well??? He is good looking though i guess thats his good trait??

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