Gender: Female
Hair Color: Brown
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Rank #95

Energetic, confident and bubbly, Sekai Saionji is an everyday high school girl who fancies herself as quite the matchmaker. When she hears of Makoto's crush on Kotonoha Katsura, she puts her feelings for him to one side and decides help out by setting him up with the timid Kotonoha.

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Anime Roles

School Days Main
School Days: Magical Heart Kokoro-chan Main
School Days ONA Main
School Days: Valentine Days Main

Manga Roles

Cross Days Minor
School Days Main

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kurumi10v3r Apr 8, 2019

I actually like Saionji. First, I like how she does have a normal and real personality, instead of being some annoying moe blob to attract virgin weebs. And I think she does a good job at being a flawed character, unlike Makoto, who seems to have no emotion besides his will to fuck. Yeah, it was a dick move to go out with a boy whose her friend had a crush on, but she really regreted it and paid for her mistakes (also, it's not like she did it to be mean, unlike those hoes who not only bullied Kotonoha, but also stealed her man). She was a silly and naive teenager girl who, like a lot of real people, did think there can be a good future for a story who started in a wrong way. I think Sekai is a complex and human character.

TheThirstyOne Feb 20, 2019

A psycho bitch in every sense of the word. She seduced Makoto, knowing that he was in love with Kotonoha and was just asking for advice on how to speak to her and win her over, thus showing him that sex was all that was important in a relationship. She encouraged him to cheat on his girlfriend, but got asshurt when he cheated on her in return. She faked a pregnancy to try to force Makoto to get back together with her, Then, she brutally murdered him right when he was trying to become a better person. She's the reason why everything bad happened in the show because she's the one who turned Makoto into a nymphomaniac. It was so satisfying to watch this psycho die the agonizing death she did. Fuck Sekai. 

erenheartfilia Jan 25, 2019

I like sekai a lot, it's one of the best character I've seen. Without forgetting that she is so cute, she looks like nagisa (clannad) (I would have liked more that she is the same character as nagisa, but it does not matter), for the people who hate her I'm not against but just me I think his role is ... I would have liked that Makoto chose, I'm sure the end would be much better.
to finish you will find me weird but I like sekai x Kotonoha> _ <

NightmareHollow Dec 31, 2018

Makoto was an absolute dick, but cheating and ******* around with everything that moves isn't an excuse to kill him.  she could have taken any other kind of action.  all in all, you reap what you sow.  if you hurt others, expect to be hurt yourself.  if you kill others, expect to get killed yourself.  Sekai was no less guilty than Makoto.  encouraged cheating, never acted on her threat so that started a slippery slope for Makoto.  he started to believe that he could just get away with sleeping with everybody because nobody reported him when he did

NativePerson Nov 10, 2018

Energetic, Confidence and Bubbly? What the heck...She is not cheerful person at all. More like a psycho b*tch.

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