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Queen123VEE14 May 26, 2020

Oh honey, HE'S MINE🤤❤️

hellamisanthropic May 18, 2020

I really want to like Sebastian, but I can't. I'll never support somebody who uses other people for information.

Especially Beast. I couldn't care less about seasons 1 or 2, but Book of Circus..


He used her when she needed somebody most, causing her to believe she betrayed her family and was the reason "Smile" and "Black" left the circus.

And he doesn't even care about Ciel, you shippers have to realize this. He only cares about his soul. He can tell when his soul is distressed, angry, etc. and tends to these things, so Ciel's soul isn't permanently damaged. He only cares about his meal. 

yourdailybinoftrash May 8, 2020

Wait hold the phone since when is sebby sadistic.......continue nvm

ThatShortWeeb May 4, 2020

I try not to be a basic bitch, but this man is just too much.

CrimsonCondor Mar 22, 2020

Damn, some of y'all just love turning every single male-male interaction into yaoi fodder like male-male friendships can't exist. SebaCiel=pedophilia and bestiality.