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xKittyx Mar 15, 2019

Sebastian is simply one hell of a character and definitely one hell of a butler. I haven't finished watching all the seasons of him yet but he is already the ultimate character. He can cook, make amazing pudding, play the violin and can also probably stab you in the forehead with a butter knife. He's like an anime John Wick except more sadistic and also cocky. Normally I hate arrogant characters but Sebastian is just the righttttt amount of cocky and suave at the same time.

What's not to love? 

Sebastian Chan

Do you see this beautiful face!?

arianagrxnde Mar 7, 2019

take my soul daddy

LoveBites01 Feb 5, 2019

He's just Too much !!  Kyaaa!! 

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BlueberryCrow Dec 25, 2018

 He's not a Gary Stu you guys are just mean.