Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #16
Rank #308

At first glance, Sebastian is the epitome of a perfect, genteel Victorian butler. He completes every duty with ease and to very high standard, to the point where he often ends up having to cover for his colleague’s mistakes – there is nothing that he cannot do. However, in reality Sebastian is a demon who formed a contract with Ciel and he aids his master in all missions with an efficient and frequently cruel nature. Despite his fierce nature as a demon, Sebastian has a soft spot for cats since they are cute and never complain about useless things.

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Anime Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler 2 Main
Black Butler 2 Specials Main
Black Butler: Book of Circus Main
Black Butler: Book of Murder Main
Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Main
Black Butler: His Butler, Performer Main
Black Butler Picture Drama Secondary
Black Butler Recap Main

Manga Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler Anthology Comic Main

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LeiFaran Jun 17, 2021

Istg he's got the most generic butler name ever lolz

Mirabili Mar 21, 2021

One of the most boring characters I've had the displeasure of seeing.

Aquaisbae Feb 12, 2021

He's overrated

joetazuna Nov 28, 2020

Lowkey the same comment but more mature (my comments from 2019 make me want to delete my account entirely istg)

joetazuna Nov 28, 2020

My old comment about Sebastian did him so bad 💀💀💀💀 I like him now as a well written character but I still don't understand why everyone simps for him when he's a demon and incapable of feeling true emotion (I'm pretty sure??? Been a hot minute since I've watched/read Black Butler) 

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