Gender: Male
Hair Color: Black
Rank #22
Rank #309

At first glance, Sebastian is the epitome of a perfect, genteel Victorian butler. He completes every duty with ease and to very high standard, to the point where he often ends up having to cover for his colleague’s mistakes – there is nothing that he cannot do. However, in reality Sebastian is a demon who formed a contract with Ciel and he aids his master in all missions with an efficient and frequently cruel nature. Despite his fierce nature as a demon, Sebastian has a soft spot for cats since they are cute and never complain about useless things.

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Anime Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler 2 Main
Black Butler 2 Specials Main
Black Butler: Book of Circus Main
Black Butler: Book of Murder Main
Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic Main
Black Butler: His Butler, Performer Main
Black Butler Picture Drama Secondary
Black Butler Recap Main

Manga Roles

Black Butler Main
Black Butler Anthology Comic Main

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SporkCutletBowl Apr 3, 2023

He's such a garbage bastard but he awoken something evil in me when I was a middle schooler. Sadly he will remain in my heart forever....

rajberries Nov 24, 2022

when he be taking them gloves off i be takin my drawls off

Yearningblossom Sep 24, 2022

Sebastian Michaelis

"I'm hell of a bulter"

YourKiller Aug 2, 2022

Where do I hire him?

AvariciousImp May 26, 2022

This is one of those times where I wish there were separate anime/manga pages for characters. Anime Sebastian might as well be on another planet in terms of characterization. They did him so dirty omg. He's a creep who tries to wow people with how highbrow and proficient and classy he is, and it's just amazing because in the manga, it doesn't work particularly well for him. Like, the second he's not being useful, people just drop him like a rock. Nobody cares who he is as a person, just what he can do for them. As a result, most of his time is spent emotionally abusing, and often failing to outwit, a thirteen year old boy, and I love how lame the manga makes him out to be for doing that.

Anime Sebastian is, yes, a boring character, because the writers bought into Sebastian's own hype about how competent and perfect he is, and it's an absolute butchering of the character imo :(