Aka: Satoko HOJO

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dragoonbb Jan 5, 2012

lol I love satoko. I love her even more now knowing that alot of people hate her just because of her laugh ahahahah XD

Doggiedoodle Sep 28, 2011

Yes, she was annoying. However, her experience with trap building did come in handy with defeating Takano's army. But, her laugh...

Funari May 12, 2011

Satoko could be annoying at times, but no one deserves the kind of crap she went through. ...Also, as for the crying and whining part, she's what, 10 years old? What do you expect a child to do in circumstances like the shitstorm that is Higurashi, anyways?

On a related side-note: her laugh is awesome.

Rukata Apr 19, 2011

Satoko was so annoying.. I probably would beat someone with a chair who kept crying and whining like her, at least if I was roughly the same age as her. She deserved the abuse from Shion and Rika, easily.