Aka: Satoko HOJO

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AcciesLad Apr 9, 2015

:O i can't believe the hate towards satoko.

I love her laugh XD, and the fact she likes to build traps reminds me of myself

FlutterBOSS Dec 14, 2014

Anybody who dislikes this Satoko doesn't have any sympathy for kids who have been abused. 

ZeroKami Sep 26, 2014

If I could change one thing about Higurashi it would be Satoko, I've seen the show 3 times now and each time I get reminded of how much I can't stand this character. When I hear Mika Kanai in other shows I instantly am reminded about Satoko and it takes me a while to get past that even if it is another character in a different show. My favorite scene with Satoko was of course when she was being tortured to death.

Angrybuffalo Jul 26, 2012

i cant hate her, ya the laughs a bit creepy but shes still a well rounded character, great at laying traps, had the strength and determination to survive the horible abuse set upon by her uncle, not to mention losing her parents, her brother, not to mention her condition, one she is completely oblivious to.

ya it was painful to watch her turn down help from child services time after time during her Kai arc, but honestly, it made her rebellion against her uncle and rescue all the more satisfying, and heart warming!

deideiblueeyez Jan 13, 2012

I can't really hate this girl for that one arc w/ Keiichi... I really can't.. Her behavior from the extensive abuse in some episodes is interesting, to say the least. Can't say if it's convincing or not, but every child reacts differently to being abused so...

Her eyes when she's into shock or totally deep in the misery are cool yet kind of unnerving .. that hazy look..

She and Rika are the most innocent of the Higurashi cast.... So they're the only two I like for sure. The rest are crazy in every arc , almost.